Thursday 24 January 2019

Auguste Bauer Bronze Venus-Piece of the Week

Its that time of the year again. January, its the customary time to pay your tax as many of you self employed antique dealers out there may realise 

So this is also the time of the year to.....take stock, literally. 
Well when I say take stock I mean take stock of what needs to be sold to pay the tax owed, if any.
It is with deep regret that I put my little bronze beauty up for sale.

 This has never been stock in fact but a personally owned sculpture that I have held dear for decades.
The beautifully patina-ed bronze measuring some 50 cm on a Brocatelle marble square base has been like part of the family to me. 
It has been there with so many house moves. 
But now taking fresh stock of my musts and needs at the present time I have indeed decided to sell.
I started off collecting Art Deco bronzes of note but I have never been able to better this bronze. Whether fond of Art Deco or not the Neo-Classical style is as attractive as any. 

Which is the reason I have held on to it for so long.
This sculpture modelled in Contaposto pose is as good as it gets. Combined with it being a Venus. It ticks a lot of boxes in a lot of peoples list of wants. As it has mine for so long. She is 54cm high and has the most amazing patina. Please don't buy it.

BAUER Auguste
Auguste Bauer (1868 – 1961) Born in Düsseldorf he began his training at the local Arts School, he then continued at the Museum of Decorative Arts.
From 1890 he studied at the Academy in Berlin, first with Ernst Herter, then in 1892 with Gerhard Janensch and Peter Breuer.
Bauer was a member of the Düsseldorf artist association ‘Malkasten’ and created public monuments and architectural sculptures. For example at the Girardet Bridge spanning the canal of the Königsalle in Düsseldorf and numerous monuments.

Sorry No Longer Available

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