Thursday, 15 December 2011

Wade-Smith Comes To India Buildings.

India Buildings is decked out in all its Xmas glory again and Wade-Smith a name that has been absent from the High Street for seven years has opened a store here in Holts Arcade.

Hearing space was available in Holt’s Arcade Robert Wade-Smith, who has been in retailing for 29 years, decided this was an ideal showcase to promote the brand. 
Peter Elson of the Daily Post popped around to write up an article for the local paper.
I welcome the Wade-Smith name to India Buildings and hope they can help me to establish an alternative shopping experience that is both interesting and positive for the business quarter of Liverpool, that is a bit more than the uniformity of the High Street, that seems to hold all the same brands, in every other city. We are open Saturday's till Xmas Eve and we hope that the current owners will help in establishing a weekend trade that helps the building to be open for the public who can marvel at its grandeur and discover its historic past.
Update 5.11.19 WHAT A WASTE OF TIME THAT WAS. He was off as soon as his rent free ended.

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