Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Original Yellow Submarine Artwork Goes Up For Sale.......In Dallas Texas.

In an Auction ending on 9th April, a rare piece of Beatles Folklore will be sold by Heritage Auctions of Texas. 
An original Cell for the 1968 film The Yellow Submarine.
A cell short for celluloid, is the transparent sheet images can be drawn on for animation purposes. They can be laid over static background drawings to reduce the number of redrawn images needed.
 It is Ten inch high by Five and a half inches wide 
The Yellow Submarine film was released in 1968 to showcase the band’s music and the album of the same name followed six months later. John, Paul, George and Ringo battled the Blue Meanies in the paradise of Pepperland, travelling through rough seas in their submarine.
 I was not a fan of the film but it is a piece of our recent history. And the fab Four are hot for collectors. 

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