Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Is The Liverpool Biennial A Load of Rubbish Or A Valuable Contribution To Liverpool Art.

Now let me think........
Art is supposed to provoke.
 But the work that I have seen this year at the Liverpool Biennial doesn't seem to provoke me, it just pokes me.
Not even right between the eyes it just strokes me into submission and yes, I give up. I surrender.
 It is spread out around the derelict spaces of Liverpool highlighting the disgraceful record that the City Council has on restoring the heritage places that are now rotting away lacking investment decades after the Toxteth riots.
The very same sites that the dodgy Liverpool Council spivs are now placing to their developer friends.
Yes I know they need regeneration.
There seems to be a pattern.
Put an art installation create a load of huff and then give a developer a grant to take it off the council books.
Now I am not saying there is annything wrong with the city council giving land to those lucky enough to know the right people.....am I.

There is a art installation around the Welsh streets that I admit I haven't been to. This is because I don't want to see it.
 I don't want to stop the car in Toxteth to see the disappointing workmanship, or whatever you call the installations that are there.
Its not worth my time. I only have to look down the Arcade of India Buildings to see how bad it is.
I just cant be bothered looking at silly things that instead of making me think, I just think, what's the point.
Now I know we need to incubate talent and allow it to grow but the principle is all wrong.
They all wanna be the new L'Enfant terrible with outrageous ideas, the new kids on the block, but there are hardly any of them with any skill at all.
Most of them cant even paint a straight line or even emulsion a wall.
And here they are let loose on the streets of Liverpool...........Really, What a waste of money.

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