Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Hillsborough Verdicts-Liverpool Fans Vindicated.....After 27 Years.

With the verdicts of Unlawful Killing delivered today in Warrington at The Hillsborough Enquiry, this is the beginning, of a full vindication for the people of Liverpool. 
Jury finds that Liverpool fans behaviour did not contribute to disaster.

David Duckenfield is, a walking conscience, that has caused misery to so many people. 
Should he go to jail for what his lies?
The way that the good name of the people of  Liverpool has been sullied is starting to become fully understood and will now become common currency. 

And with the verdict, some of those old stereotypes will be lost. 
The reasons for anger and despair from those tough working class masses with relatives at Hillsborough that fateful day, that just wanted to show their pride for their city by supporting their team will now become self evident, that they were not to blame. 
The anger that came about and was shown against the establishment will now be understood and it has now been proved that the tarnished brush with which this sad affair was painted came from the very top, in cover up, after despicable cover up.
And those, some who have been campaigning and fighting for half of their lives will be applauded for never giving up, to clear the name of the 96 and the bad name of my city.
There will be those who will never understand the anticipation of a game, that they had looked forward to all week.
How someone could need to beg steal or borrow to get to the match. It was their lives.
Some had a reason to live, some to escape the daily rigours, just for a couple of hours. 
A couple of hours of watching the team play the beautiful game, the game of football, that game from childhood dreams, and comic book strips of Roy of the Rovers, of  Hero's who would save the day. 
Save the pride.
 The pride they took away from us on that fateful day for their team. 
We all knew someone who was there, might have been there or should have been. 
I haven't cried so much over anything every anniversary was the same. 
 And they sullied our name of our dead and they called us animals by default, and they trod our name into the ground and they insulted the dead. 
And the dead rose through the spirits of the living. 
Those who loved them would never let their names die in vain and they have kept on fighting, when there was no money, no hope, no chance. 
And to the top rose new hero's and heroines who would not give in. 
By stealth and cunning and regret they kept on going for the names of their loved ones and the name of our town.
 And the town knew that, and they give them support and the ranks grew and in dignity they got their day in court for a form of apology from the lying establishment. 
And what of David Duckensfield the one who we should have been able to trust....the police.

Its only a game. 
No its more serious that that Bill Shankly once said. 
Its life and death. This was that.
 And in death they gave us life to take on the establishment of dodgy bent coppers and political cover ups at the highest level. 
There is a good reason why some people hated Margaret Thatcher and its Tory cling on's like the misguided Boris Johnson with his past disparaging remarks. 

They conspired against us and they could never understand that we could not let that happen. 
The bereaved relatives fought for all of us.
                                               So we supported them.

         We should now find that the cover up went right up the ladder.

      Today is a good day for Justice and those who died will be vindicated.
                                   YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE.

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