Thursday, 29 January 2015

Signature Bespoke Has Opened In India Buildings.

I would like to extend a warm welcome to Signature Bespoke.... now of India Buildings who have just opened here this week.

 They are to bring their own brand of made to measure tailoring to the beautiful Travertine Marble Holts Arcade of  India Buildings.


Signature Bespoke's Haute couture service offers a unique tailoring experience, which allows you to create the look that expresses your personal style. The care and effort devoted to the tailoring of these hand made suits is what makes our garments so special. All our suits are examined continuously during their production while careful attention is given to each and every detail.
I wish them every success, the shop looks great.

Update; Though I offered them a warm welcome. I quickly found that the owner of the business could not sew a button on. They are what should be called CustomTailors. Meaning they take the measurements and get the suit made abroad somewhere like China or Greece. 
This is all smoking mirrors.
 If you want to be fleeced well you had better get down there and see Coco. 
This is the worst sort of bluff. 

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