Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Sudley House-Why Have Liverpool Museums Ruined This Historic Gem?

I went along, as I do every now and the to Sudley art Gallery in Mossley Hill.
I first stumbled across it 25 years ago......a hidden gem.
That was before they ruined it.
 Now it is a shadow of itself, and in my opinion ruined. 
Where has all the art work gone. I wanted to see one of my favourite pictures, the small Bonnington that has hung there for decades.
I searched but I couldn’t find it. I was disappointed, but as I walked around it was evidence that this once hidden gem has been found by David “Fuzzy felt” Fleming the butcher of Liverpool Museums.

It seemed to have it all, at one time, it was bequeathed to the city and the merchant who left it to us must be turning in his grave at the uninviting mass that has now the remnants of the collection.
It was crammed with art, it was a hidden gem, that just needed a little polish every now and then, and now it isn’t. 
Why have they changed the character of this once grand institution. I know our museums need disabled access but the lift that has been fitted has taken up two exhibit rooms and is such a monstrous carbuncle that you have to question if the curators of this museum understand any thing about aesthetics.
 A modern contraption that must have cost a hundred grand. Has anyone used it?
It looks like someone has built a greenhouse in the middle of a room. Then two rooms are taken up further with no exhibits at all.
Upstairs is bland to say the least. Where has the Herbert MacNair furniture gone?
This was an amazing display. Not many people know the links with Liverpool and the Glasgow Four.
And what has happened to the Robert Anning Bell pieces? He designed for Della Robbia. http://waynecolquhoun.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/the-della-robbia-pottery-by-peter-hyland.html

That were local. The Bates plaque that was on the wall.
 Where has that gone along with other works of art that sat beautifully in an elegant poise for all to see.
And why has a whole host of rooms now been devoted to rooms for kids to draw things that have nothing to do with the art contained, or, was contained, as they have been shipped out to make room for the new idea of creating a crèche.
Dump the kids on serious scholars so they cant learn anything seems to be the fashion.
I know we have to get our kids into museums I spent enough time bunking off school in the Walker Art Gallery, but why ruin it for the rest of us by aiming the collections for snotty nosed kids.

I saw one of them ready to strike the Godwin gong before little Johnnie Bratsville's mother took it off him.
Now little Johnnies mother didn’t look like she was taking a blind bit of notice of the exhibits.
Just killing time, getting the kids out of the house so the husband can watch the match or something like that. 
The Liverpool museums also put most of the Liverpool Herculaneum collection into permanent storage to hide our own history from us. Why?
80 million pounds they have spent in the last decade, well we spent it, its our money, our taxes. and they ruin the whole feel of this once wonderful museum.

It was here in Sudley House that I first saw the most beautiful work by Bonnington.
Had it been exhibited next to a Turner on purpose because of the quality and freshness of the work.
 I then went on to study some of his work and find out just how important the work was.
If he had lived he may have rivalled Turner. He was a traveller and went to take the light in France and was ahead of the impressionists, but had a realism that they could never achieve.
I marvelled at the simple brush strokes that created a sail or a buoy. 
How this man understood light and tone and colour, and in age without the things we take for granted.
He died so young but not before he had befriended some of the most important artists in France and exhibited there himself.

The art savagery that has taken place here at Sudley house is alarming.
It is ruined by the very people who are supposed to be protecting our heritage. Our museums.
And where is my Bonnington?
Now all I have, is a 6 by 4 postcard to remind me of the most wonderful little painting I have had the pleasure to sight.

Its probably in store they will say...well get it back and the rest of the stuff that have been taken out. Its vandalism on a institutional scale.


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  1. The McNair furniture from 54 Oxford Street is now in the Hunterian Museum in Glasgow. I can not confirm that tese are the same pieces without photographs. But is includes their bed, dining room and several cabinets.