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I had a person calling himself Errol Spence doing some Internet work for me, who took this domain classicartdeco from me without my permission. I do not relinquish ownership of it. He has been trying to sell it on without my permission

I was told he also went under the name of Errol George.
The letter below is self explanatory. Do not attempt to buy it
He took this domain from me registering it at an address  that did not exist 6a Denman Drive Liverpool L6 7UE.
He had registered it at an address that did not exist but had an address at 18h Denman Drive.  He seems connected with a company called Euromatech and Kuzmo.
He used to work in the internet cafe in London Road Liverpool.
There are a lot of people on Ebay who may wish to know his whereabouts.
 Don't let him do any work for you as you may regret it.


Antiques and Fine Art
11-13 Holts Arcade
India Buildings
Water Street

Tel: 0151 236 1282

The Managing Director

NameMedia, Inc.

BuyDomains Division

230 Third Avenue

Waltham, MA 02451


I write to inform you that I am the owner of the above website and that it has been directly taken from me by a Errol Spence A.K.A. Errol George.
I advise you that if you attempt to sell this domain this will be illegal.
I am the legal owner and have paperwork to prove it.

I am in contact with my solicitor and legal correspondence will follow.

Wayne Colquhoun

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