Friday, 9 October 2009

Maritime Dining Rooms-A Disaster for Liverpools Culture.

I now have the biggest public display of Liverpool pottery in the city.My window contains more examples of our treasured and historic links with our historic 18th and 19th century potteries than the Liverpool Museums with nine pieces of Herculaneum pottery (1794-1840). researched for decades by members of the Northern Ceramics Society and other interested individuals. has caused outrage amongst cultured people who understand how the threads of Maritime past need to be kept alive and on view so the next generation can understand them.What an outrageous act of cultural barbarism by Liverpool's Museum Marauder, Dr David “Fuzzy Felt” Fleming to put our history into permanent storage, and we all know what that means, shoved away out of public view until we forget about it. Museums are supposed to uncover things not bury them again. And its all done with the Daily Museum the Oldham Echo as PR working for the museums smoothing it all away from the public.Last nights paper contains a full page on how wonderful it is to eat there. In the space that used to hold artifacts, treasured possessions, our past.What Dawn Collinson failed to mention is that in order to facilitate the cafe the collection of our Maritime History have been stuffed away.Despite years of painstaking research by the North West Ceramics Society and previous directors and curators with one swipe our past is consigned to be hidden away in boxes.Not a mention of that in the revue only how wonderful it all was.I advised David Bartlett and Mark Thomas, Alastair Machray at the Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors Group, and all I can about this Maritime Disaster as it unfolded.Are they worried, no, not in the slightest. All they are interested in doing is reporting on another restaurant being opened. Do they understand post Capital of Culture, no, not really. No wonder we are in such a bad state with our heritage being looked after by morons who cant understand anything other than the level of what is told them by people who don't care.

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