Thursday, 9 April 2009

Della Robbia Pottery Charger by Cassandra Annie Walker-Piece of the Week.

One of the reasons for me to go to the Williamson Art Gallery on the Wirral to look at the Della Robbia was to see how one of my acquisitions fares.
I think it may be correct to say that I think this is the best example of Della Robbia I have seen.
Designed by Cassandra Annie Walker it is of a design I have not seen before. Purchased in France it is of two Sirens luring a ship of sailors onto the rocky outcrop. An Art Nouveau take on the mythical tale. The colours are fantastic. I felt as if it was coming home when it was found in France the lady asked me if I knew what it was as she hadn't been able to sell it as it is unknown in France.
 Oh yes I said as I clutched it when paid for.

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