Friday, 29 May 2015

Vienna Bronze Lizard-Piece of the Week.

This bronze reptile is so lifelike I could swear it just went to bite me.
The bronze is mounted on a real shell, that only adds to the realism of the piece.
It is not signed, but it has to be by the famous Bergman foundry it is so realistic. Though there were many other foundries that employed similar skill in and around Vienna Bergman is the most well known for cold painted bronzes.
 It looks like it is going to launch itself off that shell anytime. 
Bergman always tunes his cold painted bronzes to perfection. This is more than likely late 19th century.
 Though this piece is not cold painted but has a light patination this mirrors the scaly cold blooded skin of a lizard to perfection.
 The modelling and the way the bronze is mounted just heightens the anticipation in the lizard, its claws are in fact balancing the whole sculpture along with the tail. 
Very cleverly done and a joy to see the skill of manufacture being put to an effect of realism.