Thursday, 13 March 2014

WMF Art Nouveau Card Tray-Piece of the Week.

This is a nice Art Nouveau design on a pewter tray 22.5 cm long. It was made in Germany probably 1899, though they did continue designs up to the start of the First World War where they would have been making rather different styles that were not designed as tableware or decorative objects. The original name of the company is.

W├╝rttembergische Metallwarenfabrik

The Art Nouveau maidens hair merges with the entrallic floral decoration that is so typical of the period.
Though we in Britain helped to start the art nouveau style with our rediscovery of arts and crafts, the continental factories excelled at design. Though 20 years later the Bauhaus would industrialise design.
WMF will have been sold in the likes of Liberty in London.
  This is a nice way to own a piece of original Art Nouveau at a reasonable start price of maybe £250.

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