Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Liverpool To Commemorate the First World War-With A Party!

Thirty Seven million people died during the First World War and what do the dummies at Liverpool Council do to commemorate it….they have a street party.

It was bad enough that they commemorated the Titanic tragedy by having a party but now they are to do the same about the war.

Most of the people of Liverpool will use this as an excuse to party.
This should not be allowed. If you bring the giant French puppets in the people will come and justified it would be but not for this subject it is too big a subject than to have giant puppets prancing around the streets.
What are they going to do have them walking up Dale Street with no legs while bombs go off around them.
No this is in bad taste.
The real puppet is Joe Anderson.

In charge of publicity no doubt will be the Echo Editor, Alastair “Burger and Ships” Machray the disrespectful fool on the hill. If he has any staff left to lord over.

Those who lie in some forgotten field will be turning in their graves,
Only in Liverpool,could the muppet who runs the City Council Herr Fuhrer, get away with this

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