Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Grayson Perry-Is He Giving All Potters A Bad Name?

This week the big con continues when Grayson Perry has been given the option to do the Reith Lecture on the BBC.
Potter or Potherb it should be entitled, but no.
This lecture is called 'Playing to the gallery' and he does!
It seems that all you have to do to get noticed these days, is to be so different that you cause a stir.
 He talks about the Duchamp Urinal in the lecture.
Perry Grayson, is the modern day equivalent of Duchamps Urinal, and most of the stuff that comes out of her mouth should be squirted into said urinal because its….rubbish in my humble opinion.
Its painful it’s like listening to someone at the pub lashing his mouth off.

Though he does get it right when talking about the Hockney Exhibition at the National Gallery that was rubbish.

Even Hockney’s old art teacher said he was no more than a painter and decorator.

It’s like bringing the Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club to an intellectual debate.
Tittering through the audience is all well and good but seems to me there is more to art than turning it into a Carry On film.
Oh Missus!!!

Its not that he wears a dress that makes me despise him, it’s that he wears a bad dress that makes him look stupid.

People tell me that he is not stupid and that they like what he has to say.

Well they are the people that he is aiming for the audience that thinks the same as him, or her.

Its like the silly little child in the playground that will do anything to get attention.

In the lecture he says that red paintings sell best. You have to admire his audacity to get up there and tell everyone what they already know only they have not had the time in their busy schedule to work out an opinion.

And he supplies opinions, all the time.
 He has got more opinions than skill.
 He does not have the skill of other potters. In fact he gets them a bad name.
He can’t have any time to throw pots, well he doesn’t throw them he coils them, or someone else does and he decorates them.

All those serious artists who regret not walking round with their wives frock on.

How many potters are sitting there sick that they never thought of it.

How many are listening to BBC4 thinking they could have been famous if they had thought of that.

Never mind spending twenty years at their craft, that means nothing.
 All you need is to become famous these days when Tracey Emmin and Damien Hurst are multi millionaires, is to become a big mouthed spout off, get a bowl-head haircut, go down the local charity shop pick a bad dress and a pair of acid green tights, model yourself on Andy Pansy’s girlfriend and you are there, everyone wants to know you.

One of his pots has sold for £100,000 he says he has never made pots for poor people.

If democracy is bad taste how do you account for your success one person asks him and he or she laughs.

It seems to me, that the height of bad taste, has now been accepted, by the very establishment

I bet Pete Burns is annoyed that he never went to pottery classes instead of being lost with no direction.

Next weeks Reith Lecture, by him, unfortunatly, is in Liverpool.
And he asks what is art……….apparently.



  1. His dresses are terrible. I do like his drawings though, pots aside and friends of mine who have worked with him say he is a lovely man. I can see why he pisses you off but I genuinely like his style in terms of the actual drawings but I did draw the line at buying a scarf at the tate the other month. a lot of artists tap into their inner child and almost all have a sense of exhibitionism or need for attention to some degree surely? I can see why when you throw your own pots why he would annoy you, but I for example hate the throwing process and love the decorating bit. Maybe I should get myself a baby doll dress? Jo

  2. http://www.spectator.co.uk/arts/radio/9063571/grayson-perry-is-an-inspired-reith-lecturer/