Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Lark Lane Pottery Exhibition-The First of Many, Maybe.

I was quite pleased to help to put together an exhibition of the amateur potters that work at the Lark Lane Pottery.
It was a short exhibition at Arts Hub 47 on the Lane.
 Though it was exhausting, well anything would be when some people turn up to an exhibition that they were not even invited to, not mentioning any David Backhouse.
That said,  I thought it went well and gave the ceramists a chance to see some of their wotk out of the constraints of a pottery workshop.
It was done on the tightest of budgets we even borrowed the columns from Hugh Baird who kindly helped with a loan.
 People made cakes and all round it was a success helped set up the display.
From little acorns and all that.
 I hope it inspires the potters on to bigger things een though it may be a hobby for some. Lets hope its the first of many. 

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