Sunday, 12 February 2012

Suarez Scum-Ashamed to be a Liverpudlian

All my life I have supported Liverpool Football Club but they have allowed rascist scum to infiltrate its ranks.
The way the club has dealt with this affair of Suarez calling Evra a Negrita is an utter disgrace.
He was rightly banned for 8 matches but it seems that was not enough. The club supported him and for that reason the little rat thought he could get away with being a hero for not wishing to shake the hand of Mr Evra.
 He should be punished, and made to leave the club I dont want my city represented bt this sort of scum.

Daglish used to have the respect of a great number of people.
He has lost mine over the way he has dealt with this whole diabolical affair.
There comes a time when you have to get rid of clowns like Suarez.
And if the clown manager does not wake up to reality get rid of him too,

I have to agree with Sir Alex Fergusons's remarks and wish to add that while liars that wont own up to reality run the club Liverpool will forever be a little club and no amount of arguements with manchester United or its players will change that.